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 I apologize for having sort of dropped of the face of the Earth.  First it was writer's block, then my state was on fire... you know how it is.  (Okay, my state is still on fire, just not where I am.  At the moment.)

In the meantime, enjoy(?) some of my artwork in a meme I found in a SW:TOR fan group over on deviantART.  (I have a long ways to go to be good at art, but I'm fairly certain I've gotten past the Vogon poetry equivalent stage of art.  At least I hope I have.  I take no responsibility if your eyeballs flee in horror.)

Also, fair warning, my sense of humor may at times only make sense to me.  (I r weird.)

Art-like thing with SW:TOR characters.

If you have a deviantART, feel free to comment there (or here).  If not, I'm afraid deviantART doesn't allow visiting comments, so comment away here. :)

The aurebesh in #10 reads "Casino Royale" (as in the 2006 movie).

(The events of which would be a reason to say "no," yes?  ...  No? ... I did warn you my sense of humor may only make sense to me.)
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