Apr. 5th, 2012

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Crafting: eh, it's there.  I sort of like crafting, but I can't say I've ever played a game where I thought "Crafting is awesome!"  SW:TOR is no different.  Though I like that you send your companions off to craft for you, and I like that crafting isn't level capped.  This means that it doesn't matter that my medpac makers are by far not my highest level characters - they can supply everyone, anyway, as long as I keep them in money and their companions busy.

Other than biotech and the ever useful medpacs, I can't say as the crafting has really netted me much, though.  I thought armormech would help with the "dear god, who came up with Agent armor, and do they have the same color perception and fashion sense as the rest of us? O_o" problem, but the only orange recipe so far had the same problem. (Fortunately friends and flashpoints did net me armor that wasn't eye-stabbingly awful.*  In fact, it netted me armor I actually like.) 

Armstech is semi-useful, at least for gearing companions, but not as useful as I expected. I haven't gotten any other skills high enough to have commentary on them, really.  I imagine making color crystals will be fun, even if it doesn't prove to be useful as such.  (Though, given that there doesn't seem to be a source of crystals outside of making them - or finding them preinstalled in a weapon - artifice should be useful.)  I also expect cybertech to be fun.  I have a suspicion that my Force users will find synthweaving to be no help at all, though.

*I really do want to meet the person who came up with the medium armor for Imperials.  You leave Hutta in something that looks like Power Ranger armor and a wetsuit had babies, and it actually manages to go downhill from there.  I picked up a sand colored duster somewhere that was okay, but I don't think there were any pants anywhere that weren't either bizarre colors (pink?  really?) or appeared to involve wearing frilly underwear on the outside (or both) outside of the Hammer Station flashpoint.  (Hey, Imperial Uniform.  Nice for RP purposes, anyway.  Also non silly pants!)   And the black duster from Cademimu is spiffy.

20 Days of TOR (Redux)
Day 01
– Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Why did you decided to start a blog?
Day 03Your best SW:TOR playing experience Your first day playing SW:TOR
Day 04 – Your favorite SW:TOR quest or quest chain
Day 05 – Favorite item(s) in game
Day 06 – How many active characters do you have? Do you suffer from "altitis"?
Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name
Day 08 – Your favorite class so far, and why
Day 09 – Favorite attack or special move
Day 10 – Crafting: yay or nay? What professions, if any, do you seriously pursue?
Day 11 – Bad in-game habits and flaws
Day 12 – What's a typical TOR gaming session look like for you?
Day 13 – What do you hope Bioware will add to the game?
Day 14 – What aspect of the game upsets you the most?
Day 15 – Have you created a unique headcanon for your characters? If so, what is it?
Day 16 – Your favorite character companion
Day 17 – Your favorite in-game location
Day 18 – Your favorite outfit
Day 19 – What strange things do you keep in your bags or bank?
Day 20 – Conclude with a free day! Write about a SW:TOR topic that the previous 19 days failed to address


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