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What do I hope will be added?

Romance and flirt equality tops my list.  This includes both same-sex romance/flirt/one night stands (Preferably with existing companion characters since anything else seems fraught with problems.  No romance until level 50!  Whut?  Sorry, no adventuring with your lover? Whut?  That awesome companion you'd like to romance?  Not for you.  Whut?) and more romance/flirt/one night stand options for female characters.

I mean, right now, I think I'm interested in all of one of the existing romance options for female characters.  Though, now that I think about it, I'm not terribly interested in the existing romances male characters get.  (And some of the romance options make absolutely no sense as romances.  Sure, it makes sense for my agent to sleep with Kali as further incentive for her not shooting him or mentioning his highly questionable actions to anyone.  But that's not romance, that's self preservation.  Though that headcanon makes it rather entertaining.) ...  I may not really be the romantic type.

But, also, if male characters can flirt and sleep their way across the galaxy, female characters ought to have the opportunity to do the same.  Regardless of gender.  (Hell, not all the flirts go anywhere anyway.  I'd be fine with some NPCs being gay or straight and turning down their wrong gender.  Though I still think the romancible companions should be PC-sexual.)

I'd also like more of a feel of risk to being the "wrong" alignment for one's government.  It could be as simple as adding more of the highly entertaining letters, but it is just bizarre that one can get away with some of the stuff one can, well, get away with.  I've mentioned the facepalm inducing (but oh so funny) letter from Kelara Sakoal before*, but... where's the pissed off letter from her now broke (and not widowered) husband demanding to know WTF?  He thinks she's a traitor, as well as unfaithful!  Or - scarier still - a letter from Keeper/Darth Baras/Darth Zash/Crysta Markon(okay, that wouldn't be scary) regarding the matter? And that's just one example.

If you're a light side Imperial or a dark side Republic character, you're breaking laws and disobeying orders like woah.  The game only seems to notice this occasionally.  But it would be awesome if it noticed it more.

If I'm really out there in fantasy land, I'd like to see a wider representation of body types - true equivalents for the genders.  I'd also like to see more faces, complexions that allowed one to make older characters, more character customization options in general.

Oh, and even further out there, more branching quests, quests with multiple ways of doing them, all that good stuff.  I mean, SW:TOR has a lot of variety and some mildly branching quests, but I'd like to see more.  Lots more.

*I really do have to share this.  I hope it's readable.  Keep in mind, this is from a woman who's husband hired you to kill her - and who's husband believes is dead at your hands.
In the immortal words of any light side Imperial on receiving this letter: "You did what!?"

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