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My favorite character companion?  But I haven't met them all.  I don't even think I've met half of them yet.  How about I just blather about the companions I have met instead?

With one exception, the companions my characters have collected so far fall into one of two categories: characters I like and characters I may not exactly like, but find entertaining anyway.  The one companion I can't stand?  The Trooper's first companion, Aric Jorgan.  He is a dick from word one, blames your character for everything and tells you to your face that he doesn't respect you and doesn't think you're command material.  Excuse me!?  He's not entertainingly annoying; he's just annoying.  Also way out of line, and you're given no real way to deal with it.  I don't know how the Republic military works, but I'm pretty damn sure you can't talk that way to a superior officer in any real life military without getting in trouble for it.  The fact that Lt. Jackass is apparently the romance option for F!Troopers rather makes me want to throw things.  (For so very many reasons.)

Companion Characters I Like: (so far)

Bowdaar is a very nice, sensible wookiee.  I sometimes think he may be the "mom" of my Smuggler's crew.  Risha is still a bit of a mystery, but keeps being a better person than I expect her to be.  (And I can see why people want to romance her.)  I haven't gotten to the point that Akaavi joins the crew, but her introduction was awesome and I fully expect to like her.  (And possibly write her into my ficverse.)

T7 is so much fun.  I love the dialogue and I'm enjoying how much personality T7 has.  I also like what little I've seen of Kira, who appears to be about as much a rogue Jedi as my Knight is.  I expect them all to get along swimmingly.

Qyzen is also the awesome.  I'm not even sure why.  Somehow, he's just an incredibly likable big-game-hunting lizard dude.

(So far, I'm finding the companions the best part of playing Jedi.  But that's largely because I've still got "uck, Jedi" issues.)

Mako is awfully sweet (though she has a bit of a dark streak), and it would be awesome if my Bounty Hunter does actually get to romance her.  They'd make a cute couple.

I expected Vector to be boring, but he turned out to be very likable, if rather odd.  I love his combat dialogue, particularly his surprise at succeeding in fights.  And his companion stuff, so far, has been really fun.  Who'd expect to get to go to a Kilik party?

Vette has quite the mouth on her and is entertainingly baffled by my light sider Sith.  Practically every time my Warrior does something good, she's all WTF?  But they're developing a nice sisterly rapport that I find charming.  And Quinn is... I don't know what Quinn is.  I almost put him in the other category because I mainly find him entertaining.  He's so passionate about the Empire and so at a loss as to what to do with a giant Sith Zabrak flirting with him.

Companion Characters I Don't Exactly Like But Find Entertaining: (so far)

Corso is a sexist ass, but he's also completely dippy, and all of 19.  I'm sure my Smuggler would like to borrow the Sith Pureblood social emote from time to time, but, while I find him an appalling romance option, I do actually find him entertaining.  And I do have to admit that his heart is in the right place, and that his unbelievably backwards views of romance might be the result of his being both little more than a kid and having grown up in the back of the back of beyond.  (I also suspect he has zero actual romance experience.)

Kaliyo is completely untrustworthy, homicidal, and the worst "friend" anyone could ever have.  She is also hilarious.  I have done more spit takes on her dialogue (in cut scenes or just prompted by location) than any other companion so far.  Did she just say she felt like burning down the Imperial capital while they're walking through it!?  Did she just ask for twenty credits to get somebody to lick her feet?  "Dibs on the head!?"  Kali, no one else wants the head!  Did you just cheerfully offer to shoot my Agent if he actually changes sides!?  And her first companion mission?  Bwahahahahaha.  Oh, Kali, what did you think he was going to do?  She's a horrible, horrible person, but a very entertaining fictional character.

Khem is another horrible person but entertaining fictional character, at least so far.  (My Inquisitor has only just gotten him.)  He has some wildly funny dialogue - often centered around eating Force users, so I like him in that sense.  I can't imagine inviting him in for tea, though.

20 Days of TOR (Redux)
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Day 06 – How many active characters do you have? Do you suffer from "altitis"?
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Day 16 – Your favorite character companion
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