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Coruscant is nothing like I imagined it would be.  I mean, it's a city-world of shining towers and the beautiful senate building we've all seen on the news, and an amazing amount of traffic I'd be afraid to try to navigate without the Force, but...  I knew it was hit hard in the war, I knew the temple there was destroyed.  I didn't think there would still be people displaced and struggling.  I didn't think senators, senators would take advantage of them.  I thought if anywhere would have the power and the funds to rebuild properly, it would be Coruscant.

There are whole sectors law enforcement has given up on!  This isn't what the Galactic Republic is like.  How can we have abandoned our own on our capitol world!?  Something has gone horribly wrong somewhere.

But I don't have time to fix it.  I never realized being a Jedi would mean that I'd have so many problems to solve that I can't solve them all.  At least not at the same time.  How can I be powerful enough to be our best hope against one problem, but not powerful enough to find out what's wrong with the Republic?

Unless it is all the same problem.  Everything is connected by the Force.  Maybe in finding and curing the other Jedi afflicted by the Dark Plague I'll heal the Republic, too.

Master Yuon wasn't ill, not in the conventional sense.  Somehow, she was given this... this mind plague that hasn't been seen in a long time. The Sith who created it is dead, but some other Sith must be using his teachings to bring it back.  But I learned a technique for freeing people from the Dark Plague, and so I have to find the others who've been infected and free them.  I was able to save Master Yuon and I'm sure I'll be able to save the others.

I hope.

At least I have Qyzen by my side.  He knows so much more about the galaxy and he's very strong and wise.  I don't know what I'd do without him.

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It'd make me feel all charitable if Coruscant hadn't turned out to be such a dung heap.  And if that lying thieving traitor Skavak hadn't gotten away.  Now he thinks he's hunting me.  I can't wait for him to catch up.  If all the other people he's conned don't catch up to him first.  He was even trading with the Empire!  What an idiot.

He left me another of his girlfriends on my ship.  She seems to think she can order me around just because she's got a line on some dead guy's fortune.  It must be pretty good or Skavak wouldn't have put up with her.  I'll work with her, but if she keeps acting like I'm the hired help, I'm dropping her on the next planet and she can sell her pretty jewelry to get home.

Between her and Corso, I'm thinking about buying ear plugs.

I'd rather work with those crazy droids the Republic's trying to ally with.  They were even starting to make sense.  Or poor Miel.  You know it says something when I'd actually think about teaming up with a cop.  Damn Skavak.  That's another dead guy he's responsible for.  If Skavak does catch up to me, I'll get revenge for him.  Nicest cop I ever met.
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I rescued a hacker from... actually, I don't even know where to begin on the situation here.  Coruscant is just as corrupt and messed up as Ord Mantell.  Maybe worse.  Everything's all sparkly if you've got money, but if you're a refugee, forget about you.  This is why I just do my thing.  The Republic's a crock.

So, I rescued a hacker.  Skavak had paid her to make his past go away.  I got her to put his past back, and then some.  Now he won't be able to walk past a checkpoint without being jumped by the Republic.  And he can't go to his underworld contacts because Kixi also fixed it so he looks like a snitch, or worse.

That'll drive him out.  Then I just have to nab him before somebody else does.  Or find my ship and steal it back while he's busy being a tug of war rope.

As long as he pays and I get my ship back, it's all good.


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