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Or something along those lines.  Why, in a city full of actual superheroes, that man has to be me I'm not sure.  I'm an inventor, damn it, nothing more.  I don't have powers; I have gadgets.  And if those fail, my only line of defense against supervillains is hoping I'm too insignificant to step on, incinerate, freeze, or otherwise horribly splatter.

And yet, even in a city full of superheroes, there's an awful lot of supervillainous crime that gets overlooked.  I suppose being everywhere isn't a superpower.  At least not yet.  So someone has to try and stop the villains who slip past.  And that someone seems to be me.  Joy.

Yes, the city's transporter network is very good at pulling heroes out before they're actually horribly splatted.  That doesn't mean that being mostly splatted is fun.  (Oddly, I don't remember any comics issues in which Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne complain in their journals about being mostly splatted.  Either that's because they're fiction characters or because they're that much better at being superheroes - without the powers - than I am.  Or heroes aren't supposed to complain.  One of those.)

I seem to have acquired a nemesis.  Never mind that I don't recall having run in to her before, I've apparently spoiled enough of her plans that she has it in for me, personally.   Not that I recall having spoiled any plans by mad scientists convinced that radiation is the solution to everything.  It makes me wonder whether supervillains have some deranged equivalent to a dating service - choose your perfect heroic nemesis.  What else would a mad scientist want for a nemesis but an inventor?  That way she can make dramatic speeches about how alike we are and how I should really join forces with her and irradiate the world.  And try to irradiate me when I sensibly refuse.

I'll have to make adjustments to my defensive shields.  And stock anti-radiation drugs.  And figure out exactly how one stops a woman who can shoot nuclear power out of her fingertips.


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