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There really needs to be a trope for morality that thinks it's Black and White, but ended up somewhere else instead. Though the Force of Star Wars: The Old Republic might be the only example. The Jedi of the movies, particularly the prequel trilogy have their odd moments, but it's difficult to tell whether those odd moments were intended, whether they're plot errors, or whether Lucas and I have some pretty big divergences on the concept of "Good." (Mine doesn't involve leaving people in slavery, for example. Not when you've clearly got the power and the resources to rescue them.)

The movies still only give us characters having opinions on the Force and what is Good and Evil - Light Side or Dark Side. When you make a game with a morality meter based on these opinions, whether your morality meter ends up seeming spot on or tilted slight off toward Parsnip depends a lot on whether it's consistent. I can't find the consistency. Maybe I haven't played enough classes high enough. Maybe I've got morality that's tilted toward Parsnip. Or maybe the Force is supposed to be slightly Orange and Blue. (Red and Blue? Is that a hint? Or merely a lovely coincidence?)

The first Light Side/Dark Side choices that made me go "Wait, what?" (and at least some of which I've mentioned before, I believe) all could simply be me looking at things from a different point of view than the writer came at it from. But it adds up over time, and running a Sith Warrior through the first planet left me thinking maybe the Force really is a bit Orange and Blue. Or just inscrutable.

To run through the inconsistencies and just plain Bzuh moral moments:

There be SWTOR spoilers here )


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