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Alrighty then.  Life has been a bit of a distraction, and I've been failing at being organized, so, er, I'm going to try to get organized here.

First order of business: what do I do about my original idea of journal entries as opposed to the fan fic I've been writing?

Solution: Journal entries will resume/continue.  And there will be fan fic.  Journal entries are game continuity; fan fic is, obviously slight alternate timeline/alternate universe/whatever, and should be considered to have diverged immediately after chapter one (for smuggler continuity) and to have diverged somewhere before that for agent continuity.  I realize this is temporally wonky.  I will also have to get back to you on divergence from bounty hunter continuity once she's involved.  Because having things nice, tidy, and sensible is apparently beyond me.  *headdesk*

I realize that's a bit confusing.  And that having two different continuities going on here is a bit confusing.  But I miss my in-character reactions to game events entries.  And I have my own storyline in mind for my fan fic.  Icons and tags should keep things clear, I hope.

Second order of business: 20 days of SWTOR.

[personal profile] nebelstreif  proposed this slightly altered meme on and their version looks doable, so I figured why not?

Day 01: Introduce yourself

Hi, I'm Mac.  (Calling myself Virtual Voyages would just be silly, and Mac is a short form of my last name.  I've gone by it before, since my first name is extremely common.  It's also appropriate to someone who carries a Swiss Army Knife and is a little too fond of 80s TV.)  I write, read, play SW:TOR (and, theoretically, other MMOs *eyes dormant accounts*), love Star Wars, work at a library, and love music and hiking.

What I'm doing here is covered in the sticky post and in the earlier part of this post. *points up*

Um... I live in a neat old apartment building built in the 1930s.  I have a pet cat (more like he has a human servant).  I am absolutely terrible at introductions.  Oh, yes, I play pen and paper role playing games - currently D&D.  I live in the mountain west, in a sometimes embarrassing city.  I walk to work.  I love history.  And I have probably now given enough information for (theoretical) stalkers to find me.

As to what I'm like, I'm both extremely shy and love to entertain people.  If I believed in astrology, I'd blame my tendency towards polar opposites on being a Gemini.  I find life too horrible to take seriously, and I like making people laugh.  And I think I've been personal quite long enough.

20 Days of TOR (Redux)
Day 01
– Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Why did you decided to start a blog?
Day 03 – Your best SW:TOR playing experience
Day 04 – Your favorite SW:TOR quest or quest chain
Day 05 – Favorite item(s) in game
Day 06 – How many active characters do you have? Do you suffer from "altitis"?
Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name
Day 08 – Your favorite class so far, and why
Day 09 – Favorite attack or special move
Day 10 – Crafting: yay or nay? What professions, if any, do you seriously pursue?
Day 11 – Bad in-game habits and flaws
Day 12 – What's a typical TOR gaming session look like for you?
Day 13 – What do you hope Bioware will add to the game?
Day 14 – What aspect of the game upsets you the most?
Day 15 – Have you created a unique headcanon for your characters? If so, what is it?
Day 16 – Your favorite character companion
Day 17 – Your favorite in-game location
Day 18 – Your favorite outfit
Day 19 – What strange things do you keep in your bags or bank?
Day 20 – Conclude with a free day! Write about a SW:TOR topic that the previous 19 days failed to address


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