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Birthdate:Jun 16
Location:Colorado, United States of America
This is both a blog about MMOs and a single person RP. I will blog - as me, the player - about the MMOs I play: the good, the bad, the ugly, the bizarre, the ill-thought-out, and the things I wish games would do or not do. I will also blog - as a writing exercise and for fun - in character as various characters in the MMOs I play.

There will also be some fanfic here, if writing actual stories involving my SW:TOR characters is properly labeled fanfic. But I'm not sure what else one would call original character fic in someone else's world, so fanfic it is.

Currently, I play World of Warcraft (both factions), Champions, and Star Wars: The Old Republic (both factions). I fear that only in Champions and SW:TOR do my characters have sufficient personality for the in-character blogging exercise.

Citizens of Millennium City:
Crystal Avenger
Keith Riley

Galactic Citizens:
Kyrian, Imperial Agent
Captain Jezari
Savler, Bounty Hunter
Novani, Jedi Consular

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