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This is a blog about MMOs.  It is also a writing exercise of sorts, in which I blog as characters I play in various MMOs.  As myself, I will discuss MMOs, both specifically and as a game genre.  Expect posts by me to be about the good, the bad, and the ugly in MMOs and MMO culture - from my point of view.  Which may, or may not be the same as yours.  The in character posts are intended to be purely fun, and the views in those are not necessarily the same as mine.

A quick and easy key to telling the posts apart is this: if the icon is a glowing book, that's a post by me, the player; if the icon is a character from a game, it's a post by that character.

And happy gaming. :)

Edit: I should warn that Star Wars: The Old Republic posts will contain quest spoilers.  (Never thought I'd be typing that for a game!)

Edit 2:  There will also be fan fic short stories about some of my SW:TOR characters.  These may include spoilers indirectly (mentioning things that happened in game), though the ficverse will diverge from the game's storyline.  (Exactly at what point it diverges will be noted here once I've figured that out.  Right now, the only story I've written would fit tidily into the game's stories no prob.) Those posts will, handily, be identified with an icon that reads "SW:TOR fan fic."  (And, if I someday write fan fic about my Champions characters, there will be an icon that reads "Champions fan fic.")  I will do my best to post appropriate ratings and warnings, though I am new to this whole fanfic thing.

Edit 3: In view of Edit 2 (the fact that there is now fan fiction on here) and in view of the internet generally being in favor of content warnings, I am following an internet friend's suggestion and adding, ah, content info:

The Star Wars universe contains - in no particular order - war, violence (usually not graphically depicted), maiming, torture, genocide, destruction of planets (sometimes inhabited), zombies, super weapons, terrorism, a tendency to conflate evil and insanity (or just a lot of villains who are probably also in need of some mental help), mass murder, fantastic racism speciesism, ableist language, sexist people, swearing, and probably a few potentially unpleasant/disturbing things I've temporarily forgotten.

It also contains spaceships, varied assortments of humans and aliens, mystical powers, heroism, adventure, spaceships, daring rescues, improbable powers of persuasion, hope, triumph over adversity, good people defying bad governments, friendship and/or love triumphing over any number of things, and did I mention spaceships?

A large number of these things will be mentioned and/or contained in my fics, character blogs, and general blogging about the game.

Date: 2012-02-14 09:29 pm (UTC)
neroli: (swtor chiss bounty hunter khani)
From: [personal profile] neroli
Awesome idea for a journal!! :D Can't wait to read!


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